Petal Back Clothing combines style with practicality, dignity with independence

28 October 2014

Petal Back Clothing designs are a fashionable range of assistive clothing for ladies and gentlemen who require assistance with personal care, allowing them to retain a level of independence and dignity by enabling them to dress in a stylish and comfortable manner.

Petal Back clothing is designed specifically for people that are bedridden or disabled. The comfy garments are practical and designed in mind with the functionality required for daily care.

The Petal Back style is a unique design that is at the core of the clothing range. All Petal Back Clothing opens from the back & slides up the arms, which have deep armholes, first - and then over the head.

What makes the clothing range so unique is that there is no use of Velcro, studs, or buttons. This reduces the risk of skin tears or bruising and makes assisted dressing easier for carers and nursing home staff. The back of the garments close over allowing the wearer privacy and modesty and thereby retaining their dignity.  The designs also offer double thickness for warmth and comfort.