About Petal Back

Located in Victoria , Petal Back Clothing services all states of Australia including regional areas.  For convenience, Petal Back Clothing offers a secure online shopping service with a comprehensive freight, returns and exchange policy.

The Company has designed a unique range of clothing which is dignified, comfortable and attractive and allows for ease of dressing for the wearer and the nurse or carer thus reducing stress and pain for all concerned. It provides daywear, nightwear and underwear for ladies and gentlemen without using buttons, studs or Velcro.

Petal Back clothing  is designed specifically for people that are bedridden or disabled - comfy garments that are practical and stylish and which provide dignity in conjunction with the functionality required for daily care. The unique “Petal Back” design greatly assists those who are physically challenged with arthritis and stroke victims or mentally challenged with dementia by minimising the chance of the carer inflicting fractures or lacerations.

It is serviceable in the implementation of continence programmes and protects fine skin from being torn during dressing and undressing.

The range of nightwear is assistive to those in Palliative Care. Our men's and ladies day wear, footwear, slippers and underwear assists those in Rehabilitation Care while they are recovering.

Petal Back Clothing withstands industrial laundering. Supporting Safer Workplace Practices and 'No Lift Policies',

If you provide care for a loved one or person who is elderly or disabled, please visit one of our agents or retail outlets, browse our comprehensive product range via our online store or contact us for further assistance and advice..