Insight to Dementia

7 May 2015

Last Thursday I watched "Insight" on Network 10.

The episode, called "Dancing with dementia", was about people and carers and health professionals and the best ways to live with dementia. It was inspiring to hear and to learn so much about this condition and the honesty from many who shared their experiences was most humbling.

I was touched by this and it has added to my commitment to assist carers and healthcare workers who strive to make a difference to the lives of many suffering with different dementia symptoms. Our sundowner suits greatly assist the carers in giving back dignity.

Both the day time and the night time, ladies and men's versions, offer comfort and dignity to the wearer. Other Petal Back styles can assist in reducing anxiety for the wearer.

Sliding the petal back on and off quickly and easily and with no (sometimes harsh) fastenings is less invasive whilst being comfortable and attractive. Input from nursing professionals has been vital when designing these items.