Linda Dugan - Owner of Petal Back Clothing I first realised the need for special items for Nursing Home Residents whilst caring for my Grandmother, who was in a Nursing Home for the last years of her life. Nana was a proud and determined lady, and although there was little she could do to assist herself, she wanted to be comfortable, yet look and feel good at the same time.

My task was to find for her assistive clothing and accessories that were comfortable, practical, easy to put on and attractive enough for her self-esteem and dignity to be retained. Then the inspiration came. My 22 years of experience in design and supply in the fashion industry led me to develop, with input from nursing home management and care providers, an attractive yet practical extended range for the aged and those in need of care.

Petal Back Clothing is pleasing to the wearer, and easily managed by nursing staff. There are feminine "Petal Back" nighties for the ladies and smart nightshirts for the gentlemen. The clever back design assists in easy dressing for those with arthritis or victims of strokes, and is serviceable for the incontinent.

There is a wide range of comfortable leisurewear for wheelchair or armchair sitting, and the range features comfortable and warm sock styles that offer protection for fine skin, poncho's and knee rugs for warmth and cosiness. Colour is important. The Petal Back Clothing colour selection has been based on the needs and lifestyle of the resident. The fabric colours are not high fashion but are calm, warm, easy and have constantly changing prints. The fabric weights have been chosen specifically for the feel and texture.

Petal Back Clothing has been designed especially for those in need of extra care, with great importance placed on comfortable, practical and affordable items. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of people in care. If you provide care for a loved one or person who is elderly or disabled, please visit one of our agents or retail outlets, browse our comprehensive assistive product range via our online store or contact us for further assistance and advice.

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Linda Dugan Owner/Manager